13. Alice Wambui- Using her Greatness to End Ignorance and Abuse Around Menstruation

Alice’s story of resilience and courage to overcome the patriarchal energy and barriers in her African culture, in order to make sure no other woman goes through what she experienced around menstruation is compelling!!  I met Alice in Nakuru, Kenya. My Youthlinc Humanitarian Team hired her through the “Days for Girls” program, to teach about feminine hygiene.  We provided the girls at the Muriundu school with feminine hygiene kits we purchased through Alice’s organization.  Alice and her story left a powerful impact on me and I can’t wait for you to be inspired by her.  Alice is on a quest to end period shaming and the  ignorance and abuse of women.   She is championing and empowering women and girls to become self-reliant and to embrace their femininity.  Alice is making a huge difference and the effects are rippling in so many incredible ways.  She is also teaching men and boys about menstruation- making them allies for stopping the abuse. Alice has now taught and helped over 82,000 girls and women.  She is absolutely phenomenal. What a shining example of  what it looks like to live into your divine power and purpose.  

Friends— may we all strive to follow Alice’s example, using the light within us to help others rise.  May we, like Alice, own our divine greatness to serve and bless this world.

*Link to donate to Alice’s organization in Kenya: https://donate.daysforgirls.org/smile-stard-enterprise

*Link to the book Alice is featured in: The Power of Days: A Story of Resilience, Dignity, and the Fight for Women’s Equity https://a.co/d/ixqM8JR

*Link to humanitarian group: http://www.youthlinc.org

*Link to my free video “Self-Talk: Go from Crappy to Happy with 1 Simple Brain Hack”: https://candicenoss.com//crappy-to-happy/