16. Liz Watt- Resilience and Grit in Following our Missions

 This episode of the ‘Design for Greatness’ podcast features an interview with Liz Watt, a driven and spiritually guided entrepreneur, author, speaker, and the founder of Be Healthy Utah, the largest natural health conference in Utah. 

Liz shares her personal journey, beginning with a profound spiritual prompting that led her and her husband, a chiropractor, to start a natural health conference despite having no prior experience. Despite initial challenges, including a significantly lower attendance than expected at their first conference in 2019 and subsequent cancellations due to COVID-19, Liz’s determination and faith guided her through adversity. 

Liz also delves into her personal health journey, discovering natural remedies and emotional healing, and discusses the profound impact of addressing mind, body, and spirit in finding one’s purpose and calling. Liz’s background, growing up in a polygamous family, significantly shaped her resilience and perspective on life, leading her to empower others to embrace their greatness. The episode also previews Liz’s upcoming book, ‘Becoming Me, A Polygamous Girl’s Journey,’ highlighting her path to self-discovery, love, and forgiveness.

[00:04] Welcome to the Designed for Greatness Podcast

Hello and welcome to the design for greatness podcast conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness….

[00:14] Introducing Liz Watt: A Warrior Woman’s Journey

Today, you have my interview with an amazing driven warrior woman….

[01:58] The Birth of Be Healthy Utah Conference

Well, I think it starts back a long time ago, and you know, I was, I was given this dream that me and my husband, we put on a conference, a natural health conference, and I woke up in the morning….

[06:20] Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth

And you know, the day of the conference comes….

[10:24] Navigating the Pandemic: A Test of Resilience

And so we get to the six weeks before our next conference….

[11:59] A Leap of Faith: The Virtual Conference Success

I had never put on a virtual conference before, but I was like, I’m going to do it….

[18:01] The Return to In-Person Events and Surpassing Expectations

And, you know, it was now it’s 2022 and it’s the day of the conference and there was like some technical difficulties going on on the main stage….

[22:12] Liz’s Personal Health Journey: A Story of Healing

I had an experience where, you know, here I grew up in being married to my husband for a long time….

[27:03] A Journey into Fermentation and Natural Healing

And all of a sudden my husband comes home….

[28:14] Transforming the Kitchen: A Shift to Natural Ingredients

And then it, then it was like, you know, now you need to get in your pantry and get out all of the flour, sugar, the corn, the, you know, all of the gluten, the, the soy, like all of this stuff, you just need to strip down to where you are just having what comes from the earth….

[29:33] Discovering the Power of Aloe Vera and Fermentation

And then it was like, Oh, I remembered my husband’s allergies, you know, Previous years before that, he had, he grew up with awful allergies and he heard somebody talk about that….

[30:41] The Healing Journey: From Physical to Emotional Wellness

After it was like four or five months, all of a sudden, as I was going through getting sick, I started getting these numb spots all over my body….

[33:29] Embracing the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

And anyways, I just typed in natural healing into, into Google because I was like, okay, well, what else is there?…

[38:21] Finding Strength in Spirituality and Purpose

So anyways, I started then to incorporate these emotional aspects with helping my clients….

[45:23] Overcoming Personal Challenges: A Story of Resilience

You know, Candace, I kind of talked about this in the, as I was going through some of this stuff and, and I know that we’re probably running a little bit short on time, so I’ll be brief, but, you know, I grew up in the, in a, And a family that is not, uh, you know, people would be acceptable….

[51:45] Empowering Others: The Mission of Sharing Knowledge

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