17. Stacy Harmer- Awakening to Divine Greatness through Healing and Growth

In this episode of the ‘Designed for Greatness’ podcast, host Candice interviews Stacy Harmer, a certified life and holistic health coach, author, speaker, and founder of Vibrant Living Wellness Academy. 

Stacy shares her personal journey of healing and transformation after the sudden loss of her daughter, which led her into a deep clinical depression. Through a powerful vision of a tree, she was inspired to focus on nourishing her body, heart, mind, and soul daily, which set her on a path of healing. 

Stacy emphasizes the importance of meditation, prayer, and personal development in overcoming grief and depression. She also discusses the critical role of words and thoughts in shaping our reality, introducing practical methods like affirmations to reclaim control over one’s mind. Additionally, Stacy touches on the significance of her physical body’s journey, expressing gratitude and the challenge of maintaining a healthy relationship with food and body image. 

The episode also highlights the upcoming Arise and Shine conference, designed to empower women to awaken to their divine greatness, aligning mind, body, and spirit to serve the world with their unique gifts.

[00:02] Welcome to the Design for Greatness Podcast

Hello and welcome to the design for greatness podcast conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness….

[01:08] Stacey Harmer’s Journey to Healing and Purpose

To what you feel your mission is and what brought you there your journey….

[01:33] Transforming Grief into Growth: Stacey’s Personal Story

I got there through a hard journey as I think most of us do right and That was the unexpected passing of my sweet little daughter Who had been sick for a short period of time and ended up we found her and she passed away in her sleep very unexpectedly Completely blind sided us in the situation….

[07:45] The Power of Positive Affirmations and Self-Talk

Truly help my listeners understand how you became, I call it the boss of your brain….

[14:39] Divine Encounters and Spiritual Awakening

When I, when I went through my depression and my lowest of lows, I had an incredible experience actually with Christ and, and through prayer and it, it shocked me awake to what I was doing and how long, how wrong it was….

[20:20] Embracing Meditation and Daily Routines for Spiritual Connection

And, and the things that I love to do during that time is one, a stillness meditation has been the most, there’s so many powerful things, but I, I mean, I would say the most powerful thing for me to connect because….

[23:12] Discovering Spiritual Connection Through Meditation

And I, I shared with her this little glimpse….

[23:45] Navigating Darkness and Finding Light

And once again, even though I did later spiral into the bit, the depression, it was, it was, it’s a little complicated, but you open the door of soul so much light, there’s twins of the stick….

[24:21] Cleansing and Preparing for Divine Reception

But I also think there can be blocks like, you know, in those things, whether it be our thoughts or the foods we eat or whatever….

[25:26] Embracing Stillness and Overcoming Mental Clutter

I, I was, I’ve heard this, um, thought I think it was Deepak Chopra that talked about like this, um, lake, imagine a lake or a body of water….

[26:46] Journaling: A Pathway to Clarity and Connection

And that’s what you’re talking about when you were journaling in the morning….

[28:08] Healing and Connecting with Loved Ones

I don’t know if you’re familiar with, um, the artist way, the book, the artist way by Julie Cameron, that same cause she calls it, um, morning notes, but….

[31:43] Body Love and Overcoming Emotional Eating

What have you found that is the very best thing to give love to your body and how do you honor this beautiful gift that we’ve been given that houses our mind and spirit?…

[35:48] Arise and Shine: Empowering Women Through Faith

I wanted to ask you about this beautiful, incredible conference that you’re putting on that I’m so honored to be a part of….

[40:20] Closing Thoughts: The Power of Alignment and Purpose

Wow. What a gift to be enlightened and inspired by Stacy Harmer….

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