18. Pam Schmidt- Loving Our Body Through Toxin & Parasite Elimination

In this episode of the ‘Designed for Greatness’ podcast, Candice interviews Pam Schmidt, a retired teacher turned chemical minimalist, who shares her journey toward living a toxin-free life inspired by her husband’s health challenges and her own desire to protect her family. Pam discusses the importance of reducing toxins in the home, food, and body and delves into the often overlooked issue of parasites impacting health. 

Pam offers practical advice on simple, over-the-counter remedies for parasite detox and emphasizes the role of living toxin and parasite-free in being able to more fully tune into one’s mind, body, and spirit. The episode also touches on spiritual practices that enhance clarity and the ability to serve others effectively, along with a call to action for listeners to take control of their health to unlock their divine greatness.

[00:05] Welcome to Design for Greatness: Meet Chemical Minimalist Pam Schmidt

Hello and welcome to the design for greatness podcast conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness….

[01:23] Pam Schmidt’s Journey to Chemical Minimalism

I am so excited to talk to Pam today about her heartfelt journey and all of her insights about how to live toxin free….

[01:38] The Impact of Toxins and the Power of Living Toxin-Free

I, I resonate so much with your message of reaching out to the mind, body, and spirit….

[07:45] Diving Deep into Parasites: Understanding and Treatment

Parasites are often tied to these things….

[21:36] Embracing Spiritual Guidance and Personal Greatness

So I want to, I want to shift for a second and part of what I do in this podcast is I want to inspire people to step into their greatness and to use their greatness to do important, valuable things in this world that fulfill their missions and serve humanity….

[30:47] Turning Points and Embracing Health and Wellness

So, you know, I’m wondering if you had any moments that were real turning points for you or any moments that, that truly shifted and created a shift that, that you can look back and say, So grateful for that….

[37:16] Final Thoughts: Your Designed Greatness and Next Steps

Thank you for joining me today….

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