October 2020


“I am LIGHT!!!” This is my favorite new empowering thought!! I can’t take credit for it- one of my phenomenal clients came up with it… but I’m stealing it!! (Which is truly what happens with all the best thoughts ). “I am LIGHT!!” As in opposite of heavy … as in cheerful, fun and carefree…as

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Isn’t it fun and super cute to play peek-a-boo with toddlers!! I love that they believe if they cover their eyes so they can’t see you, then you can’t see them! They truly think this is a fact of life- “you can’t see me!!!” There are so many beliefs we hold tightly to, and thoughts

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I know the truth of this statement- I’ve lived it!! I am continually developing the skill of mustering up the courage to look at my life, straight in the eyeballs, and honestly assess what patterns are no longer serving me. Growth absolutely requires COURAGE!!! Fact- If you continue to think what you’ve always thought, you’ll

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