November 2020

Your Worth is Set

Your WORTH is SET- it is INFINITE In this world of comparative judgment and so so so many perfect supermodel bodies … everywhere… it can be so easy to fall for the trap of feeling worthless in comparison. When our society values big boobs and a tiny waist it’s hard to find our own value

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Love Wins

LOVE WINS!! A dear friend gave these beautiful flowers to me today— because it was a dreary day… because it’s easy feeling overwhelmed and alone… because she is a rockstar… and because LOVE NEVER FAILS!!! I’m so excited to pay it forward!! LOVE WINS!! Who can you spread love to? Let’s spread love all over

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Everything is “figure-out-able”

Everything is figure-out-able!!! This is one of my favorite empowering thoughts!! And apparently IylaGrace is a firm believer in this thought too!! “Everything is figure-out-able” generates faith, determination, conviction… all superpowers for overcoming obstacles!! Our HS got shut down today- but it’s all good. Everything is figure-out-able!! Mama’s…we’ve got this!! Everything is figure-out-able!!! Whether you

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