January 2021

You Can Change

The ability to firmly control our thoughts is our superpower!! Our mind is the battlefield and our destiny depends on the thoughts we choose- whether by default or by intention. Do you have thought patterns that aren’t serving you? (Negative head chatter, control issues, victim posturing, all-or-nothing mentality, people pleasing, depression, insecurity, shame…..) You Can […]

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This poem is something I give my clients in their last video of my Body Love Course. It speaks to the incredible transformations available to you in 3 months of focusing on your mind, body and spirit. I am addicted to helping women “BECOME”. If you are ready to step into the next, upleveled version

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There is so much power from owning 100% the truth that “I am a work in progress and I love me anyway!!” Perfectionism shuts us down. “All-or-nothing” thinking is the recipe for self-sabotage. GRACE is the anti-dote!! “I love me anyway” is what allows us to get back up when we trip and fall. “God

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How’s your head chatter? Do you ever think about what you are thinking about? Negative Self-talk is toxic, corrosive and completely optional. Words matter- the words you speak out loud AND the words you think inside your head. Make a pact to only use kinds words. Zero-tolerance for any negative self-talk. It will change your

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