April 2021

Get Help!

Oh my sweet, independent, too smart for her own good, IylaGrace. This was her at 10 am yesterday, and then just 30 minutes later. After tears and consequences and more tears, she finally confided in me why she cut her hair. It had been in her face, bugging her, and she wanted to “fix it”. […]

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Gateway Emotions

Hello my friends!! On this Thursday morning, I am thankful for the power of “Gateway Emotions”.   If you’ve worked with me, you understand that the emotions we operate from are the fuel for our actions.  Operating our life from stress, overwhelm, depression, frustration, anger, irritation etc. will shut us down. It’s like using diesel fuel in a

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Head Hygiene

I found this pic of Berklee from last fall when I attacked my weeds. I keep thinking about how important it is for me to share this concept- especially as many of us are working to increase our faith— so here it is… Weeding is just like head hygiene!! The problems in our life seem

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Mothers & Daughters

Hello you beautiful ladies!! It’s Thursday!!  What are you thankful for? I had the incredible opportunity to be a presenter at a Mother/Daughter retreat in Bear Lake this weekend and it was a phenomenal experience.  I’m tremendously grateful for the hours of preparation this inspired me to do on parenting and especially on creating transformational relationships with

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Walk & Talk

Hi friends!! On this Thankful Thursday, I’m so thankful for “Walk and Talks”!!  Have you been on a walk with one of your “Besties” lately?  I hope so!! I can’t underscore enough the beauty of having someone to connect with, vent to, solve the world problems with, be inspired by…I’m grateful for the wisdom and

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Ripple Starter

I had the fortunate opportunity to interact with an incredibly successful business woman this week, who, through some beautiful conversations, has become a friend for life. 🙂 She gave me some advice that truly hit home, right to my core. She said, “Use the power of business for GOOD.” I am so thankful, this Thursday,

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Tomorrow is Good Friday, with Easter on Sunday— and on this “Thankful Thursday” my heart is so full of gratitude for Jesus Christ. I wish I could express adequately the poignant feelings of my soul.I woke up this morning with the words to a song in my head:“Nations fall behind Him, The rivers crawl to

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