May 2021


Dear Friends, I’m so thankful it’s Thursday and we are only one day away from the weekend!!   May seems to be especially full this year.  The anticipation of summer is in full force over here at the Noss household. 😉 It has caused me to notice the contrast to last year at this time.  May of 2020

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Mortality Motivation

It’s “Thankful Thursday”- what are you feeling grateful for today? This week, I’ve been struck with a sense of “Mortality Motivation” and feel incredibly thankful for it. Early Sunday Morning (on Mother’s Day) my close friend’s mother passed away, very unexpectedly.  I can only imagine the grief and loss this amazing family is going through.  Our

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Life is 50/50

Happy Thankful Thursday!!  What are you thankful for today? My nugget of gratitude this week is for the understanding of the universal truth, “There is opposition in all things.”   Life is 50/50 and to expect it to be otherwise is a recipe for: suffering, disappointment and self-sabotage.  I’m so grateful for the normalcy and grace this divine

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