July 2021


Dear Friends, As I sit to write a quick message of gratitude, I’m bombarded with so many things I am thankful for.  I don’t think one can spend time in a 3rd world country, among so many incredible people, who struggle day in and day out to provide just the bare minimum of shelter, clothing, food […]

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Dear Friends, Have you ever heard of the term coined by Walt Disney, “Imagineering”? It is the art or science of putting the imagination to work to create new wonders, new successes and new dreams.  Walt Disney was a genius creator and I am thankful on this Thursday for this tool of “Imagineering”.   It’s often said,

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Dear Friends, As you are reading this I am living out one of my most treasured dreams!!  I am in Peru on a Humanitarian trip!!  This has been on my vision board since college.  In all honestly, before I found life coaching, going to a third world country to serve the people there was just a pipe dream.  I

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Dear Friends, I love this quote and am super thankful for the insight it creates about the difficult 50 of life.  “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  Suffering= Pain + Resistance”. I’m not sure who to credit for saying it, but the truth of this resonates strongly with me. Understanding the difference between pain and

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Dear Friends, I hope this “Thankful Thursday” message finds you happy and healthy!   What is on your mind today? How are you feeling? Can you navigate a path to find gratitude for the difficult, even heart-wrenching stuff you are going through?  Gratitude truly is a magnet for miracles.  If you don’t believe me, put it to the

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