August 2021


Happy Thursday!! Self-belief is that powerful, critical ingredient absolutely required for success at any endeavor.  What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe you CAN do? Understanding and applying self-belief, as well as awareness and expulsion of it’s opposite, self-doubt, is the source of my gratitude today.  I am so thankful for a strong self-belief,  AND […]

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Good Morning Friends, As summer is wrapping up and school gets back in session, my thoughts have turned to how grateful I am for schedules and plans.  What are you thankful for this Thursday? I had a client of mine who is an incredible graphic designer create this visual representation of the Trifecta Transformation System. For

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Hello Friends!! It’s Thursday and I am so excited to share with you some exciting news…There is a new member of the Noss family!!!  Meet Duke!!!  Dax and Cory finally have another male in our home and Sparks has a husband!! 🙂 Hopefully this will solve all of the breeding woes we’ve experienced over the past

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Your body is the tool by which you will accomplish your work on this Earth. You have a purpose, a mission to this world- a “masterpiece” to create. Your body is the “paintbrush”. If spinning in your head about your body, food, clothes, exercise, appearance… is preventing you from being fully present and powerful in

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Together We Rise

Dear Friends, Happy Thursday!!  What are you thankful for this week? I am thankful for understanding a powerful concept, “Together we RISE”.  This was the theme of a retreat 2 amazing friends and I put on last weekend.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of something dedicated to empowering women to RISE

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