October 2021

A Little Sunshine

Hello Friends! Today I’m thankful for quick nuggets of truth, in words or pictures, that resonate powerfully and quickly come to mind in times of need.  I love sending these out to my clients as often as possible and hope they hit home, especially on the days when someone needs a little extra TLC.  One […]

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I’d love to help you GLOW with happiness!!! I bust up craptastic THINKING, empower women to LOVE (God, themselves and others) and facilitate TRANSFORMATIONS which serve as catalysts to discovering a powerful new awareness of identity and purpose. This is what a current client just told me, “I just rewatched your video. You are blowing

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Words Matter

Dear Friends, I hope you are enjoying this Autumn season.  What is something over the past week that you are truly thankful for? It’s so fun getting our brains busy solving for this question. I love all the answers that pop up. Today, I’m thankful for the power of words and the ability we all have

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Bread Crumbs

Dear Friends, Happy Thursday!!  As you reflect over the past week, what are you thankful for?  I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 Today, I’m feeling thankful for “following crumbs”.  Many times in life, we know where we are, and we know where we want to go, but we aren’t always clear on how to get there.  In fact,

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