March 2022

The 4 C’s

Good Morning Friends 🙂 , A concept popped up 3x in the past week (seriously 3 different times!!!- LOL).  I am so thankful for it and am excited to share the 4 C’s: Criticize, Complain, Compete, Compare.  Does it ever blow your mind how many groups of people we interact with?  There is our immediate family, extended family,

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I hope you are feeling lucky and enjoying lots of green today. 😉 I’m feeling super grateful for laughter today.  Victor Frankel defined laughter as “one of the soul’s greatest weapons”.  It is awesome how finding humor and laughing creates lightness and joy even amidst heaviness and sorrow.  A good old belly laugh is

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God’s Business, My Business, & Other People’s Business

Good Morning Friends, Happy Thursday!! What’s on your gratitude list today? Over the past week there has been a theme showing up among many of my clients.  Often, the people we love and care deeply about, even have stewardship over, are going through really trying times.  It breaks our heart to watch the struggle, suffering, trauma and

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