April 2022


Hello Friends!! I love learning!! I totally own that I am a nerd and I am completely ok with that.  I think it is so fun to “geek out”- especially about things that have to do with the mind, the body or the spirit!!  I’m sure that isn’t a surprise 😉 .    As I was listening

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Dear Friends, What are you thankful for this Thursday?  What are some goals on the Spirit side of the human trifecta that you are working on?  I am always praying for spiritual gifts.  I wholeheartedly desire to hear the Lord, to receive revelation and inspiration with clarity.  I strive to recognize the voice of God in my

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New Life

Dear Friends, I am so thankful that Spring has sprung!  Babies are all around in nature right now and guess what…. our puppies were born yesterday!!!   I am so thankful for puppies!!!  What a gift we are given with every new birth and each new beginning.  I am so grateful to witness the incredible miracle of life. 🙂

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