July 2022


Good Morning Friends, What are you thankful for on this sunny, summery Thursday? I am currently attending a conference put on by one of my hero’s, Jody Moore.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by such powerhouse women who, like me, are passionate about creating the life of our dreams and living into our highest […]

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Good Morning Friends 🙂It’s Thursday!  What are you thankful for in this moment? As you reflect on your day, your weekend, your past week, what are the nuggets that stand out? How can you generate more gratitude for your life and the moments that make up this human experience we are in the thick of? My

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Lesson From FIJI

Bula!!  (That’s Hello in Fijiian) This Thursday my heart is bursting with gratitude for so many things!!  I’ve been in Fiji since June 26th and it was truly life changing.  It is difficult to put into words such an incredible experience.  No description will ever truly do justice to the powerful emotions, moments and relationships gained in the beautiful

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