February 2023


Happy Thursday!!   Today, I am thankful for myself. 🙂 You are probably cringing right now, but hear me out. Do you love and appreciate you? If you were to rate your love for yourself on a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your self-love? A surprising truth I’ve learned over the past few years […]

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Self-Belief: The Thermostat of Our Life

Dear Friends, I’m thankful this Thursday for beautiful insights about Self-Belief- the thermostat of our life. Dr. Jason Salk’s, in his book, “Relentless Solution Focus”, provides a powerful object lesson which highlights just how vital our self-belief truly is. Self belief, self-image or self-confidence is like the temperature regulation system in our homes. Our self-belief is

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Hello Friends!! I’m grateful today for pride.   I’m sure many of you just flinched- LOL.   If you are like me, we’ve been taught to, “Watch out for pride!!”.  It has been engrained into us, growing up our whole lives, that pride is bad and we must be humble. I truly am grateful to understand what pride

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