June 2023

Quietly Quitting

Hello Friends!! On this “Thankful Thursday” I am grateful to be aware of a concept a friend brought to my attention, “Quietly Quitting”.  It is important to be aware that when we are operating on auto-pilot, with the lower brain driving our life, it is easy to fall for “quietly quitting”.  Anyone who reverts to the default […]

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Generous Humans

Good Morning Friends, On this “Thankful Thursday”, my heart is so full of gratitude for the generosity of normal, every day people.  It truly is inspiring and adds hope and light to this crazy world. In 2 weeks I will leave with a group of 28 humanitarians to Kenya, where we will work on many different

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Dear Friends, It’s Thursday!!  I am so thankful today for understanding that you and I, as well as all those we love, and every person on this planet is “ENOUGH”. I have a friend who is a HS teacher.  She shared recently that she does an experiment every year with the classes she teaches.  She asks them, among

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