A Clear Message For Our Time

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Good Morning Friends,

It’s Thankful Thursday- what are you grateful for today?

This week I am thankful for receiving some powerful inspiration about an important message to share with our teenage daughters right now. 

I have the beautiful opportunity to speak to 3 different groups of amazing teenage girls this summer.  I’ve been super prayerful about what would serve their highest good and how best to deliver the message God would have them know.  After fasting and going to the temple, I am so grateful for receiving such clarity about the message I am to share with these groups.  

“Wake them up: 

  1. To their Divine Greatness; 
  2. To the ways Satan is tripping them up and getting them to play small; 
  3. To their relationship with Christ 

Empower them to make Christ their Best Friend.”

Delivering this message to the first group of young ladies last week was such a compelling experience!!  I felt the importance of this message so strongly while speaking and am deeply grateful I could be a tool in God’s hands to deliver it.  

Last Sunday I was asked to speak to a 4th group of teenage girls. Again, after praying, it was crystal clear I was to share this same message.  Yesterday, as I spoke with these ladies, the truth and power of this message once again touched my soul, leaving me feeling humbled, inspired and determined to continue sharing it.

I am so thankful that this message to share with our daughters has come through so strongly, again and again.  I’ve mentioned this before- in spiritual things, “Repetition should rivet attention” (Henry Eyring). Because I keep receiving this same message, and sharing it creates such powerful experiences with the Spirit, I believe every woman young and old would benefit from hearing, understanding and acting on this message right now!!  If we are to show up in this world fulfilling our missions, serving each other, and leading meaningful lives, it is absolutely critical we: own our divine greatness; eliminate the lies, distractions, discouragement, shame and fear that come from the enemy; and intentionally strive to build our relationship with Christ.

I challenge you to reflect on your life.  Examine if you are fully owning your divine greatness.  Is Satan catching you in his traps? Are you inadvertently believing the thoughts he desperately wants to sell you on?  Is Christ truly your best friend?  I invite you to ponder and work on these things. Reach out to me if you’d like some help. I urge you to teach your teenagers the importance of understanding their infinite worth and divinity. To wake them up to the ways Satan shows up in their thoughts, and empower them to dismiss any thoughts that don’t serve them.  I hope you will share your testimony of Christ with all the teenagers in your life and encourage them to put forth the effort to create a powerful relationship with Christ.