A Little Sunshine

Hello Friends!

Today I’m thankful for quick nuggets of truth, in words or pictures, that resonate powerfully and quickly come to mind in times of need. 

I love sending these out to my clients as often as possible and hope they hit home, especially on the days when someone needs a little extra TLC. 

One of my dear friends sends me one every couple of days and it means so much to me!!

After I sent out a quick meme today, I got this message from a client, “That is exactly what I needed today!” 

I’m so grateful for the technology we have today that makes it so easy to share these rays of light to brighten days and help us maintain perspective.

I challenge you to share something with someone you love today.  Ask, “Who needs a little sunshine today?”, and then text them a quick meme.  I’m always a grateful recipient!! 😉

Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss