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Physical Therapist, Life Coach, Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mother of 6 (5 girls and 1 Boy), Wife to the Most Amazing Man, Cowgirl, MHS Basketball Coach, Runner, Soccer Mom, Dog Breeder, Lover of All Things Sparkly

I struggled for 3 decades with a negative body image and poor self-esteem.  My weight vacillated incessantly, yo-yoing between higher and higher weights since my childhood.  My default perfectionist mindset deemed me inferior and pathetic for always being big and fat.  I erroneously equated my inability to be thin with failure.  I honestly believed that I was incompetent.  I judged myself as worthless because I could never attain an acceptable and lasting body size.  I relentlessly ripped myself apart with toxic self-loathing  which caused perpetual problems with depression, and confidence.  I was stuck in this rut of constantly seeking out new diets with varying degrees of extremes and complexities without success. I am a Physical Therapist, with over 20 years of experience. I am smart and I love to exercise.  With these assets, why had I been unable to succeed in meeting my weight loss goals?  I beat myself up over this continually, believing that if I got to the point where I hated my body and my situation bad enough, I might finally be able to change. The constant spinning in my mind about food, diets, clothes, weight, exercise… prevented me from being the person I knew deep inside I could be.  The self-doubt and inferiority I felt handicapped my ability to fulfill and magnify my missions to this world.  I knew I was living way below my potential and I used this knowledge as just another thing to beat myself up with. 

In March of 2018 I had my last baby, our sixth.  When she turned one and I stopped nursing, a fantastic realization dawned on me– my body was now and forevermore my very own!  I would never go through pregnancy or breast-feeding ever again. I was determined, and honestly a bit desperate, to find a lasting solution to my weight loss struggle. I thought that if I could finally get to and maintain an acceptable weight, my life would be amazing and I would at long last have the confidence I’ve so coveted.  

Through prayer and divine intervention, I found the missing link, the secret weapon  to my weight and confidence challenges.  Through intense study and work to change my thinking, I was able to unlock the incredible power of my mind.  I always had the body piece, with all my experience and knowledge as a PT.  I also had the spiritual piece, with my dedication to following Jesus Christ.  However, all my life, I’ve been missing or not truly understanding the mind piece.

I lost 60 lbs. and am maintaining my ideal body weight without the drama or struggle I’ve been so used to.  Along this journey I’ve been utterly blown away by the untapped power of the mind.  Not only has this thought work busted open my ability to achieve my weight loss goals, but the power I found in honing my thoughts has permeated into all the other areas of my life.  For the first time ever, I honestly feel confident.  I never imagined this degree of genuine confidence was possible for me.  

By applying the principles I learned through life coaching, strained relationships where I felt a sense of hopelessness are improving, and I have an unprecedented amount of peace around the challenges and insecurities that have plagued me as a mother.  I have awesome goals set for my future which I never would have considered before I found this work.  I know as I utilize the power of my mind, along with my body and spirit, I will blow past the life I once envisioned to my absolute best life.

Utilizing thought work in conjunction with my physical therapy knowledge of the body as well as my spiritual capacities (what I call the Mind, Body, Spirit Trifecta) has unequivicably changed my life.  I am now driven to share  this powerful knowledge to help women who, like me, have felt stuck and frustrated. I want to empower women who feel they are living beneath their potential to bust out of their rut and achieve their dreams.  We only get one chance at Earth.  Let me help you tap into your power, using the mind, body, spirit trifecta.  It is my mission to help women become the best version of themselves and ultimately magnify this human experience by living their best life.

Feedback & Reviews

Join the ranks of women I’ve coached who are overcoming life’s obstacles, utilizing the Mind/Body/Spirit Trifecta Transformation System to realize goals and bravely pursue their best life.

      “I’ve never been really good with completing goals I’ve set out to do, until now.  This is an incredibly vulnerable place for me to be in, but I can’t help but scream from the rooftops, Candice Noss has changed my life forever!  I love myself more than I ever have, I cherish who I am, I know that I’m worth being happy and healthy, and that I can do amazing things. 22 pounds lost so far and a lifetime of confidence and self-esteem I never had, gained.  I am worth it.  You are worth it.  This program was a legit answer to prayers and I can’t even begin to explain how much of a change it’s made in my life!”

Chrystal Dunn


“This course has changed my life!  HONESTLY, I would recommend Candice Noss and her “Body Love” course to ALL family and friends out there who struggle with body image, weight management, negative self talk and wanting more sense of self control.  This has answered some of the struggles I’ve had my WHOLE LIFE.”

     “I started working with Candice hoping I would improve my relationship with food.  I can say this program has definitely helped this.  What I wasn’t expecting was the improvement I would see in all aspects of my life.  Yes, the scale is finally moving.  But, more importantly, I’m feeling happier and more confident.  I feel calmer with my interactions with my family.  I’m finding my way out of the rut I was stuck in.  And, I’m only halfway through the program.  Candice is a passionate, authentic and caring person who what’s the very best for her clients.  I can’t recommend this enough!”

Aimee Moffatt

Mother, Physical Therapist

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