Amazing Grace – Designed for Greatness 2

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Has anyone ever tried to shame you into changing your behavior? Have you ever used shame as a strategy on yourself to elicit a change? Can you think of a time you were shamed? Did it work? What were the consequences of the shaming? In this episode I will dive into these questions and present you with the powerful, dare I say MAGICAL alternative to shame for motivating ourself and others to change— AMAZING GRACE!!!

The success of using shame to elicit a change, comes at a cost… every time. The cost of using shame to motivate is destroyed relationships.

You can NEVER hate yourself into any change! The truth is, you can only white-knuckle it so long. Gritting your teeth in order to attain self-discipline isn’t sustainable. Beating yourself into submission will never give you the long-term motivation necessary for impactful lifestyle changes and genuine transformation. The reality is, ripping yourself apart, in order to change, destroys your most important human relationship, your relationship with yourself. It nurtures the belief that you are flawed – that you are unworthy of love and belonging unless you achieve a certain result. Once your self-belief and confidence is in the toilet, this negative self-concept colors the way you see everything in your life. Not only does shame destroy your relationship with you, but every other relationship in your life suffers as well. Engaging in negative self-talk results in Shame, and shame is NOT the answer.

Grace, AMAZING GRACE, is the magical ingredient to genuine, transformative change in behavior. Grace is not something we qualify for or achieve. It is something we receive from God or others. It is something we can give to ourselves, despite evidence to the contrary. GRACE generously gives what is NEEDED, not what is deserved. AND, what is needed is always some act of unconditional LOVE. Grace looks upon the heart, and sees the divine potential despite what reality looks like at the moment. Grace understands that LOVE wins… every time- Charity never fails.

When long-term changes in habits are required to achieve a goal, transformation is only available if one can learn to utilize grace- AMAZING GRACE!!

If you’d like more help in utilizing grace to achieve your goals, come work with me. My Body Love program is a 3 month deep dive into becoming the boss of your brain so that you might operate every day from a place where your mind is firmly aligned, your body is purposefully loved and your spirit is powerfully accessed. I teach and show my clients how to utilize Grace, then assist them in the process of ditching shame for amazing Grace. I give my clients proven strategies and powerful tools that result in their landing consistently in Grace, and this is one of the main reasons why my programs are so transformative. Check it out at

Amazing Grace- is for everyone.  We are all designed for greatness.