“Awake My Soul” Retreat

Lives were changed, souls were touched and transformations were truly in abundance at the “Awake My Soul” retreat in Bear Lake this past weekend.

As I presented to this group of truly phenomenal women- I had the neatest, surreal, out of body sort of experience, where everything slowed down for a minute and I realized- I was truly living out one of my dreams. ✨😆✨

Sharing my whole heart with these ladies, who had become dear soul sisters (over only a few days) in order to inspire us all to AWAKE to a mind firmly controlled, AWAKE to a body purposefully loved, and AWAKE to a spirit powerfully accessed, in order to step IN to our divinity and step UP to our mission to the world… well it doesn’t get much better than that for me!! ❤️❤️❤️

Camille Love Nichols and Erin Gray Love- thank you for creating this incredible weekend of growth. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story and my passion for a healthy and humming Mind, Body, and Spirit.

My intention for the weekend was “CONNECTION” and I walked away from this epic weekend: connected to incredible new friends; connected more deeply to God; connected more confidently to my purpose; connected in a mind-blowing new way to energy work; and connected even more solidly to the truth that Charity never fails and LOVE wins!!!

This weekend was a gift that I’m still processing and will genuinely treasure!! I’m humbled and honored that I was a part of this monumental weekend. The Retreatment THANK YOU!!!