Being happy for what we have while working for what we want – Episode 3

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Have you ever felt guilty for wanting more out of life? Do you desire something different, better, or yearn for a change? Has there been a time in your life where something that used to light you up, now seems mundane and you long for more? If you‘ve ever felt unsatisfied and a longing for something more or different or better…, congratulations!!!  This is the best news ever because it means you are in tune with your spirit!  These nudges of discontent don’t have anything to do with being ungrateful or selfish… they don’t mean you aren’t good enough or that you are messing up in some way… these dissatisfied feelings we experience are simply: little pushes from our spirit; and invitations from God to become more!

When we start to get too comfortable, too indulgent, too content, God and our divine spirit will plant in our hearts the desire for something more. We will experience divine discontent.  The secret is to recognize the truth behind the restlessness we feel— it is an invitation to grow!!  AND, the way we use the divine discontent to grow and create the life of our dreams is to do as Helen Keller says, “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want!!”

Problems arise when discontent is misunderstood. Often, when our brains are running on default with the lower brain driving, we fall into the messed-up mentality where we make the discontent mean: we are messed up; or we are messing up our life. The restlessness that comes up as we get bored with our circumstances…, or too comfortable in our job… or unsatisfied with our life… is misinterpreted as evidence that we are failing or not enough.  Without awareness and intention, most well-meaning humans use this relestness to unwittingly create feelings of discouragement.  If we aren’t deliberate about head hygiene and being the boss of our brain, it is easy to slip into the snare of making  “wanting something more” mean we aren’t good enough or that we are selfish and ungrateful— which are lies Satan feeds us to shut us down and keep us stagnant in our cave.

There is a powerful strategy to keep you on the path of using the discontent that arises to serve you. There is a secret weapon for keeping your discontent positive.  The magical recipe for creating more growth, connection, and contribution from our dissatisfaction is to “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want!”  It’s all about gratitude and faith.

Where in your life do you feel dissatisfied? What exactly do you want?  Accept your dissatisfaction as an invitation to grow.  Set some goals and take the uncomfortable but necessary steps to develop skill sets and enhance your gifts so that you can more fully engage in your internal journey to know yourself and your external journey in service to others.  Analyze the emotions you feel in your body and think about the thoughts that are in your head.  Pray for discernment, gratitude, faith and courage.  Do not fall for Satan’s snare of letting dissatisfaction lead to discouragement.  Decide to see discontent as a wink from heaven, leading you into more connection, contribution and growth.  As we let the dissatisfaction about where we are currently, drive us toward growth, the secret is to put the powerful formula that Helen Keller is known for to work!  Be happy for what you have while working for what you want.  

Friends- You are meant for great things!! Thank you for listening— You are designed for greatness!!!

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