Disappointment Awareness

Thursday, July 4, 2024 Good Morning Friends, It’s Thursday, and I am thankful today for powerful awareness about disappointment. I learned a few years ago about “the 3 D’s that destroy relationships”. These are: Dismissiveness, Disapproval and Disappointment.  Whenever we slip into any of the 3 D’s with God, ourself or others, the relationship will

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Worthiness, Belief and Spiritual Connection

Thursday June 27, 2024 Good Morning Friends, I’m thankful today for some new understanding about how worthiness and belief influence spiritual connection.   Have you ever been praying for something, felt like the heavens were silent, and then wondered if it was because you weren’t worthy or good enough? Have you ever believed that if

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18. Pam Schmidt- Loving Our Body Through Toxin & Parasite Elimination

In this episode of the ‘Designed for Greatness’ podcast, Candice interviews Pam Schmidt, a retired teacher turned chemical minimalist, who shares her journey toward living a toxin-free life inspired by her husband’s health challenges and her own desire to protect her family. Pam discusses the importance of reducing toxins in the home, food, and body

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Lamenting = Worshiping!!

Thursday, May 16th, 2024 Good Morning Friends!! On this gorgeous spring morning I am thankful for powerful new insights about lamenting.  Did you know that complaining to God during our trials, traumas and tragedies is actually a from of worship? My mom shared a podcast with me this week- “All IN episode 272 Michael Huston:

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