Candice's Courses

Body Love Program

A new way to approach losing weight by addressing not only your body, but also your Mind and your Spirit.  I can’t wait to show you how attainable your ideal body size truly is once you incorporate my powerful tools and ultimately change the way you see yourself.  The body of your dreams is within your reach- let me get your there!

Cost: $775

Duration: 3 Months

What to Expect:

  • Weekly coaching videos
  • Weekly group coaching call 
  • Body Love Buddy with Marco Polo access to Candice
  • Personalized Google Documents to track your weight loss journey
  • Texts to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Access to the Mind Body Spirit FB Grou

Powerful Parenting

Join me for a 6 week deep dive into parenting. I take a holistic Mind, Body, Spirit approach to tackle these and so many more issues that challenge us parents.

Cost: $333

Duration: 6 weekss

What to Expect:

  • Weekly coaching video
  • Weekly group coaching call recorded 
  • Personal one-on-one coaching via Marco Polo anytime
  • Motivational and supplementary content daily

Living Spiritually

I am doing a Spiritual Series called, “Living Spiritually Connected: Exploring Our Spiritual Senses to Expand Our Intuition and Revelation.” This course will include 9 videos and 4 group calls to discuss, share experiences and focus on expanding our spiritual senses. Come and grow with me as we strive to more effectively “Hear Him” and “Follow our hearts.” That which we focus on expands. If you are ready to focus on Jesus Christ, and receiving more spiritual communication and connection, join me!! 

Cost: $222

Duration: 2 Months

What to Expect:

  • 9 coaching videos 
  • 4 Bimonthly group coaching calls
  • Motivational and supplementary content daily

Conquering Confidence Program

Let me change your life forever as you learn how to firmly align your mind, genuinely love your body and powerfully access your spirit.  I will teach you how to refine your self talk, stop the negativity, end the comparisonitis, and eliminate the self sabotage.  Once you release the debilitating people pleasing, victim posturing, and perfectionism, you will be in a position to truly optimize your gifts and talents.  Own your truth, step into your power and confidently contribute to this world in the ways you were always meant to.  Become better upon better version of yourself as you take back your power! (It feels so good!!)

Cost: $600

Duration: 6 Weeks

What to Expect:

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching call
  • Weekly coaching videos
  • Personal one-on-one coaching via Marco Polo anytime
  • Texts to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Access to the Mind Body Spirit FB Group

One on One Coaching

Step into your best life as I help you shift mindsets, access love, and take massive action.  My coaching, based on a faith-centered fusion of Physical Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is powerful.  

Where do you want to be in your life? Let me get you there!! I will empower you to nail your goals and ultimately realize your dreams. Let’s do it!! 


  • First Consultation- FREE 
  • $80 per session
  • $880 for 3 months (12 weeks) of weekly one-on-one coaching

Duration: 45 Minutes

What to Expect:

  • One-on-one recorded Zoom phone call
  • Email of the recorded call, as well as the key points we discussed and specific tools or strategies to work on

I wish you could know how thankful I am that my daughter is starting to be herself again.  Every text, every MarcoPolo, every Video, every Coaching Call is so fun to hear about how she is thinking differently…Every woman, teenager and person needs this course!!