Powerful Parenting

Powerful Parenting Program

Cost: $333 

Duration: 6 Weeks

What to Expect:

  • Weekly coaching video
  • Weekly group coaching call recorded 
  • Personal one-on-one coaching via Marco Polo anytime
  • Motivational and supplementary content daily

Powerful Parenting Program Outline:

  • Week 1- Introduction & Definition of Success   
  • Week 2- Lies &Traps vs. Truth & Empowerment 
  • Week 3- Controlling vs. Parenting 
  • Week 4- Transactional Love vs. Transformational Love
  • Week 5- The Art of Letting Go
  • Week 6- The Gift of Agency

Raising kids is tricky- especially teenagers!!

  • What do you do when they break your heart?
  • How do you preserve connection while enforcing rules?
  • How do you stay in a place of love when they treat you like crap?

Join me for a 6 week deep dive into parenting. I take a holistic Mind, Body, Spirit approach to tackle these and so many more issues that challenge us parents.

The truth is, we can’t raise our kids the way our parents raised us.

I’m excited to help you navigate parenting through the prickly years in a way that leaves you empowered and confident in your relationship with your precious babies, regardless of how old they are.