Power of the Mind

Head Hygiene

I found this pic of Berklee from last fall when I attacked my weeds. I keep thinking about how important it is for me to share this concept- especially as many of us are working to increase our faith— so here it is… Weeding is just like head hygiene!! The problems in our life seem

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Celebrate Wins

We would never be hard on a toddler who is learning to get dressed “all by myself!!!” for having her dress on backwards and 2 different shoes on the wrong feet. We focus on the good and count the fact that she isn’t naked or barefoot a total WIN!!! Celebrating Wins builds momentum, keeps us

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You Can Change

The ability to firmly control our thoughts is our superpower!! Our mind is the battlefield and our destiny depends on the thoughts we choose- whether by default or by intention. Do you have thought patterns that aren’t serving you? (Negative head chatter, control issues, victim posturing, all-or-nothing mentality, people pleasing, depression, insecurity, shame…..) You Can

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There is so much power from owning 100% the truth that “I am a work in progress and I love me anyway!!” Perfectionism shuts us down. “All-or-nothing” thinking is the recipe for self-sabotage. GRACE is the anti-dote!! “I love me anyway” is what allows us to get back up when we trip and fall. “God

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How’s your head chatter? Do you ever think about what you are thinking about? Negative Self-talk is toxic, corrosive and completely optional. Words matter- the words you speak out loud AND the words you think inside your head. Make a pact to only use kinds words. Zero-tolerance for any negative self-talk. It will change your

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Everything is “figure-out-able”

Everything is figure-out-able!!! This is one of my favorite empowering thoughts!! And apparently IylaGrace is a firm believer in this thought too!! “Everything is figure-out-able” generates faith, determination, conviction… all superpowers for overcoming obstacles!! Our HS got shut down today- but it’s all good. Everything is figure-out-able!! Mama’s…we’ve got this!! Everything is figure-out-able!!! Whether you

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“I am LIGHT!!!” This is my favorite new empowering thought!! I can’t take credit for it- one of my phenomenal clients came up with it… but I’m stealing it!! (Which is truly what happens with all the best thoughts ). “I am LIGHT!!” As in opposite of heavy … as in cheerful, fun and carefree…as

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