Thankful Thursday

The Ripple Effect of a Life Well Lived

I am so grateful on this “Thankful Thursday” to be a witness of the ripple effect of a life well lived.   My grandmother, who is 95 years old, passed away yesterday morning.  I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to reflect on her incredible life over the past few days and am overcome with awe for

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Annihilate Shame!

Thursday, February 15, 2024 Good Morning My Friends, On every single call I’ve had this week, shame has come up.  Then a friend shared this amazing quote (which is what I am thankful for this week): “Shame is a nebulous emotion, instantly spotted but variously defined.  It includes the natural human response to being seen

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Why Questions

I am thankful today for something a friend shared with me.   We were discussing life, including our goals and dreams as well as where we are feeling blocked.  I asked her a question, “Why am I not…”.  She listened and then said, “Candice, you’ve got to ask better questions.  ‘Why’ questions rarely serve us.”

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