Celebrate Their Wins!

Good Morning Friends!!

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the wins of others. 🙂  Genuinely allowing their victories to bring me joy keeps me operating in a space of abundance and feeling inspired.  I’m so grateful for the power celebrating their wins gives me to crush scarcity mindsets, along with all the pining, whining, bitterness, discouragement, complaining and comparisons that go along with these mentalities!

Have you ever noticed that some people can only be happy for others as long as their life is a little bit better than the other person’s? Have you ever felt discouraged when someone else gets recognized or rewarded for something that you do a lot of?  When someone else gets the applause, wins the prize, is voted into a coveted position, lands a big deal, takes a substantial step forward in their profession… do you ever feel overlooked, or like it costs you something?  What do you make the success of others mean about you?

The natural man loves scarcity.  Any thoughts along the line of “there’s only so much and I’ve got to get mine” breeds this scarcity mentality. (Remember the hoarding of toilet paper and the subsequent shortage during COVID?) 

I often witness scarcity ruin camaraderie in sports when athletes battle for starting positions and end up resenting each other.  I see scarcity breed enmity in families when one sibling is celebrated for high honors in their craft and the other sibling becomes bitter and annoyed.  I watch scarcity diminish relationships among professionals.  Commonly, when one person becomes popular and well-known, some in the same field begin to nit-pick, find fault and even despise the one in the spotlight. Do you see scarcity’s destructive consequences on relationships within teams, colleagues, workplaces and families?

My question for you today is, can you be filled with genuine JOY for the success of others, even if their success is something you really want or believe you deserve? 

I have a quote in my office that says,

 “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.”  

Are you able to do this? Can you celebrate their wins without making it mean anything about you? The success God gives someone else does not have to dictate how happy you are with your circumstances or results. Honors, accolades, awards, popularity, high returns on investments … the wins of others do not make our own work insignificant.  Success and wins aren’t limited to only the select few- there is more than enough for everyone!

In his book “Unoffendable” Ryan Leak relates the parable of the prodigal son, pointing out that the older son who always did what was right and never got celebrated was deeply offended when his father threw a party for the prodigal son.  The prodigal son messed everything up.  He caused significant heartache to the family and drained their resources, while the older son consistently made good choices, helped out, worked hard and “towed the line”.  The older son made the father’s decision to throw the prodigal son a party, mean his efforts to be a “good son” were insignificant, unappreciated and dismissed.  Do you see his folly? 

When we refuse to celebrate other people for their achievements, we begin to marinate in discouragement.  We end up becoming offended by their victory when it would serve us so much better to be celebrating.  Ryan Leak suggests the following antidote to this type of scarcity driven discouragement… “JOIN THE PARTY!!”  He says:

  • If somebody gets more social media attention than you, join the party!
  • If somebody gets the compliment you long for, join the party!
  • If somebody gets better, newer, nicer stuff than you, join the party!
  • If somebody advances in their career, go to the party!
  • If somebody finds a spouse before you, go to the party!

An abundant mentality believes there is more than enough success, happiness, joy, and recognition for everyone to have some.  Abundance knows without a doubt that our day in the sun will come.  In the meantime, while celebrating others for their good fortune, I love to say “A rising tide lifts all ships”.  This simple statement helps me remember, your victory = my victory.  Your win only inspires me, helping me believe it’s possible that I will win too.  The truth is, together we rise! There’s no room for scarcity if a fulfilling and meaningful life is the goal.

I am so grateful for every opportunity I get to celebrate the wins of others!!


Genuinely Yours,

Candice Noss


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