Celebrate Wins

We would never be hard on a toddler who is learning to get dressed “all by myself!!!” for having her dress on backwards and 2 different shoes on the wrong feet. 🙃

We focus on the good and count the fact that she isn’t naked or barefoot a total WIN!!!

Celebrating Wins builds momentum, keeps us moving forward despite slight setbacks and creates a beautiful, loving relationship with ourself.

Our brains have a negativity bias. They are so quick to show you where you aren’t measuring up, how you are failing, where you aren’t perfect… don’t fall for it!!! 🧠

Ask yourself instead, “What can I celebrate about how I am doing?” Get your brain busy solving that question and build some momentum!!

Even if the best you can come up with is, “I’m not naked or barefoot!!” that’s something!! 👊🏻

You are designed for greatness!!

You are right here, at this time, in this place for an important purpose.

✨Focus on the good!! ✨

👏Celebrate wins!! 🙌🏼

🌻 GROW!! 🌟