Christ and Christmas

Dear Friends,


On this Thankful Thursday, in the spirit of Christmas, I can’t help but express my deep gratitude for Jesus Christ, my Savior, Brother and Best Friend.

I am so thankful for this season and its focus on Christ.  He truly is the light of the world, the perfect example of love, and our only hope for salvation.

Every person’s individual relationship with Christ is profoundly personal and sacred.  I cherish the pivotal role Christ plays in my life and strive to continually nurture and edify my connection to Him.  My goal is to stay 100% focused on Christ and to become more and more like Him every day.

I challenge you this season to take your worries, your stress, your every burden to Him.  Are you struggling? Is there a trial that is weighing you down? Ask Jesus to take your hard emotions, and to fill you up with His light and love in their place.  I invite you to find ways in this new year to connect more deeply with Him.  How can you strengthen your relationship and testimony of the Savior?

In the quiet moments that you will have over the next week, I invite you to meditate on the role Christ plays in your life.  What could you do to show Him love on His birthday? 

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Speaker, Wellness Coach, Physical Therapist

The Mind, Body, Spirit


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