Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas!!!  

My sweet daughter, CiCi has been counting down since September and now it’s only 2 days away!! Oh… the anticipation!! 🙂

I LOVE this season.  Today I’m sure I am not alone in feeling abundantly grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I was given a challenge that I have really appreciated and want to extend it to you as well: Describe Christ in 6 words or less. 


Here are some responses of those in my family:

Mom- “Jesus Christ is strength and peace.”

Son Dax- “The light of the world.”

Hubby Cory- “Savior, friend, redeemer, counselor, advocate”

Daughter Ashlyn- “Savior of the world loves everyone”

Daughter Berklee- “Kind, nice, generous, thoughtful, saving”

Dad- “Savior, God, advocate, loving, perfect, judge”

Me- “Light of the world, best friend.”

My heart is so full of love for Christ.  It’s truly impossible to express it all in 6 words, however, I love how simplicity eliminates excess and cuts straight to the core. How would you describe Christ in 6 words or less? Email me back- I’d love to hear!!

May your homes and hearts be filled with the light of Christ over the next few days and throughout the new year!!


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

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