Comparison without Pride

Good Morning Friends,

I am thankful today for some new insights about comparison.  During a call this past week, I had a client make a statement that took me by surprise and totally rang true!!  She said, “Comparison can be valuable, but only if pride is eliminated.”  

I had never considered that comparison could be positive.  I’m so used to it being “the thief of joy”, the measuring stick I have used to beat myself up with, the tool of the adversary to keep me small and insignificant… BUT, these things are only true of comparison IF pride is involved.  

Remember, pride shows up in 2 powerful ways: pride from above with an “I’m better than others” mentality; and pride from below with an “I’m worse than others” attitude.  Comparison, when pride is involved, is always ranking us as better or worse, breeding jealousy and insecurity or arrogance and self-aggrandizement.  However, have you considered what comparison can actually do, if pride is annihilated from the scene?

When we aren’t concerned about being better or worse than one another, but are simply focused on growing along our own journey, then comparison actually becomes inspiring!!  As I see another mother create incredible meals and gather her family around delicious food, I can use comparison to elevate me!! I can see her living into her strengths and then celebrate her succeeding.  Without pride, I can easily resist the temptation to make her talent mean I am “less than”, because it simply is not true.  The truth is, my cooking talents are still developing, and watching her greatness inspires me to keep growing in my efforts at becoming a masterful cook!!  Seeing the beautiful things she is creating around food for her family helps me realize, I could do that too!! Without pride, I’m inspired, encouraged and excited to keep getting better.

One of my favorite sayings is, “A rising tide lifts all ships”.  As I watch the incredible friends I surround myself with succeed in following their purpose, the tide is lifting and I am elevated just by knowing them!!  Their victory becomes my victory as I celebrate with them in their success.  I am learning from them, finding ways to become more like them, allowing their incredibleness to expand my belief of what is possible for me.  When I’m secure in my infinite worth and focused on my own journey of growth and becoming, then comparing where they are at with where I am at only inspires me to keep going.  The reality is, TOGETHER WE RISE!!

Comparison when used as a tool of the adversary, destroys.  Comparison when used as a tool of God, inspires and empowers!!  

I challenge you to eliminate pride and the tendency to judge, rank or assign conditional value to yourself and others.  I invite you to join with me in a vow, that from now on we will only use comparison to lift and elevate.  🙂  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Candice Noss

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