Connection & Contribution

Hi friends!

Did you know our soul desperately craves 2 vital things? Connection and Contribution are critical to our happiness and well-being.  Humans are designed this way to ensure the perpetuation of our species as well as our continual growth and progression. To feel connected to people who believe you are special and who truly SEE you, is such a gift.  Contribution to something important, where you use and refine your gifts, talents, skills and strengths is one of the most fulfilling feelings one can experience.  

I am so thankful for the chance I had to fully feed my soul with an abundance of connection and contribution this past weekend.  The retreat that 2 of my friends and I put on  (“The Magic of Mindfulness”) was truly powerful.  I have ruminated in gratitude for this retreat since Saturday evening.  As I contemplated all the different things about the retreat which I am so thankful for, I realized everything either had to do with Connection or Contribution.  What a blessing to be associated with women who are serious about growth and serving to this world in their own unique way. My soul is truly happy!!

What do you have in your life that serves your soul’s need for Connection and Contribution?  What could you keep, get rid of or pursue to help you feel more Connection?  What can you do to fulfill that desire deep within for contribution?  

I am thankful for this weekly email where I can connect with all my friends and hopefully contribute some joy and gratitude into your life.

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

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