Creative Release

Dear Friends,

Happy Thursday!!  What are you thankful for this week?

I had a whole different “Thankful Thursday” email planned, but felt strongly guided to take today’s message in a completely different direction.  I am committed to allowing “flow”, and surrendering my plans (and pride) when prompted, as discussed in a past “Thankful Thursday” ;). So… among a plethora of many wonderful things to be thankful for, today I am super grateful for a new technique I’ve learned to process emotions- “Creative Release”.

The fact is, emotions are powerful and this mortal life is all about experiencing the entire range of human emotion.  Scientifically, emotions are simply vibrations in our body.  If strong emotions aren’t processed, they can get stuck inside of us and cause havoc on our mental, physical and/or spiritual health.  Emotions truly are an invisible force that powerfully impact our life positively or negatively.  There is a book title that sums it up quite nicely, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.” We must process emotions in order to release them and prevent them from hindering our growth.

This begs the question, how do we successfully process strong emotions?  

My standby method, since becoming a life coach, has been to follow a framework based on this catchy phrase, “Name it to tame it, feel it to heal it.”  This is a super effective way to first gain leverage over the emotion, and then witness it in our body, in order to release it. The most powerful way to “name it to tame it, feel it to heal it” is to ask Christ to be with us during the process and to ask for His help in releasing and realigning. 

Recently, I’ve learned a new method of processing emotion which one of my dear friends taught me- “creative release”.   In this method, the strong emotion is expressed in art, dance, or music.  

I had an experience over the weekend and my thoughts about everything that happened landed me in a river of deep and poignant emotion.  My eyes were continually “leaky” (as IylaGrace puts it) and I was struggling to fully process and work through the intense feelings inside.  The strong emotions were shutting down my ability to function. My default tendency in a situation like this is to brush every uncomfortable emotion under the rug, in order to put on a mask of “I’m fine” and get on with my life.  However, now I truly understand how toxic this strategy is, so I just kept sitting with the emotions, attempting to process them.  Then, I remembered about processing emotion through “creative release”.  I grabbed a pen and drew how I felt inside.  I let the raw emotions come out onto the paper.  Despite my juvenile artistic skills,  drawing my emotions was incredibly, surprisingly cathartic.  I added to the picture until I was satisfied that I had done justice to the emotions I was feeling inside.  My art became a witness to the depth of my feelings. Once out, I felt liberated, but also recognized the need to do another drawing of restoration and realignment.  Where the first drawing felt like purging, the second drawing felt like healing.  It was a beautiful experience which I am so thankful for.  Creative release is such a powerful and effective way to process emotion! 


If the Holidays bring up strong emotions for you, do not ignore them or push them away.  The next time the 50/50 of life triggers thoughts that generate uncomfortable feelings, consider trying a “creative release” to process whatever comes up for you.  If you do this with Christ, peace and growth will prevail.  

May your Holiday Season be full of light and love!!

Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss

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