Detach from Timelines

Hello dear friends,

Happy Thankful Thursday!!

I’m thankful today for some new insights on what it truly means to surrender while still holding onto the desire of your heart.  It’s all about detaching from a timeline.

Surrender and actually applying surrender in my life has been a big part of my curriculum over the past 18 months. Like all important principles, I now realize surrender belongs on teeter totter or a continuum.  On one extreme would be where we have a vice grip on our expectations and a white knuckle hold on how we think things “should” go.  The other extreme would be complete indifference and letting go entirely of our will and the desires of our heart.  The magical middle, between these extremes is where we want to land in order to truly live the principle of surrender. 

I’ve been as a pendulum swinging back and forth between these extremes as life has been teaching me about true surrender.  It is tricky trying to figure out just how to genuinely say, “Thy will be done” and “I am fully willing to let God prevail”, while still maintaining powerful faith and belief that our prayers and the righteous desires of our heart are heard and will be granted.

This week, I got a beautiful MarcoPolo from a dear friend who does body and energy work in California.  As she was relating an experience she had with manifesting, it all clicked for me! As she said the words “Detach from any timeline” these words were like zingers in my body, resonating powerfully in my mind and heart.  I realized the key to surrender is not to let go of our will entirely, but it is to detach from any timeline associated with the blessing we seek.  

So…is there a blessing you are seeking? Identify something that your heart desires, big or small.  To create this blessing in your life:

  1. Ask God if this is a righteous desire that God approves of.  If you believe God is ok with you having this thing that you deeply want, then you can know, you will receive it. In order to act in faith and receive the blessing, the next step is to spiritually create it.
  2. Visualize yourself having this blessing.  Feel what it would feel like to already have it.   Thank God for this blessing in your life, as if it’s already there.  Imagine all the details of what it will be like to be living with the blessing, as if it is here now.  In your daily meditations, see it, feel it, talk about it, experience it…  Get comfortable with living in this blessing in your mind in order to spiritually create it.  The final step is
  3. Surrender. Let go of any expectation about the timing of the blessing.  Know that it is coming, whether it be in this life or in the eternities, it is on it’s way to you.  Detach from any timetable.  Don’t worry about when it is going to happen, but simply believe that it is going to happen according to God’s perfect timing. The last step is to 
  4. Live in Belief, Charity, love, faith, gratitude, hope, grace, abundance, etc… Operate your life from high frequency emotions.  Stay in alignment and connected, living with patience, knowing it will come.  

I am thankful for a deeper understanding about what surrender actually means and looks like in my life.  I am grateful to realize the importance of detaching from timelines while maintaining powerful belief.

What are you thankful to be learning lately? I’d love to hear!

Delightfully yours,

Candice Noss


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