Hello Friends!!

It’s Thursday and I am so excited to share with you some exciting news…There is a new member of the Noss family!!!  Meet Duke!!! 


Dax and Cory finally have another male in our home and Sparks has a husband!! 🙂 Hopefully this will solve all of the breeding woes we’ve experienced over the past 18 months. 

I am so thankful for dogs!!  I truly feel dogs are God’s way of teaching us how to love unconditionally.  Dogs are always so happy to greet you, sad to see you leave, generous with cuddles and kisses, non-judgmental and quick to forgive. Wouldn’t this world be a better place if we all were a little more like dogs?  Their exuberance at receiving even the slightest bit of attention can brighten any day and soften even the hardest heart.  Their genuine joy at pleasing their humans engenders high frequency emotions which are infectious. Loving on a pet is an effective way to flip the switch from lower brain default mode to our higher brain driving.  Instead of turning to treats to solve for loneliness, boredom, sadness, or stress—turn to a dog!!  Play, wrestle, cuddle, walk… dogs have a unique ability to provide comfort in a demanding and often hostile world.  This little guy is especially sweet and we are so grateful Duke is now, officially, a Noss!!

What lessons have you learned from a pet? I know not everyone is a dog person (Dad- wink wink) but I’m certainly thankful this Thursday that I am!!  I love dogs.   I am so excited and hopeful for a future full of many liters of Mini-Ausidoodle puppies which will go out in this world spreading much needed love and joy.

Very Truly Yours,

Candice Noss