Tomorrow is Good Friday, with Easter on Sunday— and on this “Thankful Thursday” my heart is so full of gratitude for Jesus Christ. I wish I could express adequately the poignant feelings of my soul.
I woke up this morning with the words to a song in my head:
“Nations fall behind Him, The rivers crawl to find Him. Mountains Move, just to let Him through.Come, and NEVER leave him, Just let your heart believe Him… And never let His light go, never let His love grow dim.”
It took me all day to figure out what song these lyrics came from. Finally, I pulled out some old piano music and actually found the song, “I Heard Him Come”. As I sat at the piano, for the first time in way too long, and sang my guts out (in a rare moment I had to myself), I became overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I’m so thankful for good music and how the feelings of my heart can be so genuinely expressed in music when I can’t actually figure out how to utter the right words. I am ineffably grateful for my Savior.
What is your favorite song about Christ? Please share it with me. (I’m serious- I’d love to know!!) I challenge you to take a private moment in the next few days to sing your heart out in praise, gratitude and worship of Christ. It feels so good!! The shower or a solitary drive could be the perfect opportunity 😉 .
One last thing— Today I listened to the BEST discussion about Easter and Christ’s atonement that I have ever heard. Do yourself a favor and listen to the “Unshaken” podcast, episode 110 “Easter Message 2021”. It is powerful!! What a blessing it is to live in this technological age where so much incredible information is offered to us, free, at our fingertips!!
I LOVE it, and I love you!!

Rooting for you always,