Easy –> Hard & Hard –> Easy

Good Morning Friends,

I am thankful this Thursday for a question I came across from Justin Su’a, 

“What are you doing today to put yourself

 in a better position tomorrow?”

The reason I love this question is because it brings our awareness to whether we are operating our life from our lower or higher brain.  It can be really easy to fall for our lower brain’s “Extreme Survivalism” wiring to: seek pleasure; avoid pain; and conserve energy.  Often our lower brain is like a persistent toddler that won’t stop pestering us to take a break, have that treat, watch another episode, yell at our child.…  If we are unaware and operating on auto-pilot then all too often we give in to instant gratification and do the easy things that sabotage our goals and ultimately position us for a more difficult tomorrow.  The truth is, accomplishing goals and living a life of growth often takes a lot of grit, is not enjoyable, and can even be painful in the moment- all in direct opposition to our lower brains extreme survivalism missions. Reality proves over and over again that short term easy = long term hard, and short term hard = long term easy.  Jersey Gregeric says it this way, “Easy decisions, hard life. Hard decisions, easy life.”  

So, I challenge you to ask yourself this awareness generating question, “What are you doing today to put yourself in a better position tomorrow?” Are you setting yourself up for future success? Are you playing the long game or getting caught up in the desires of the moment? Is your mindset focused on instant or delayed gratification?  The answers to these questions shed light on whether your lower brain or your higher brain is driving your life.

Shane Parrish put it like this:

“One of the most overlooked opportunities in life is how you are positioned when circumstances hit.  Good positions create options, while bad positions reduce them… If you are forced to do something because you need to and not because you choose to, things quickly spiral from bad to worse.  Good positions are expensive, but poor ones cost a fortune.  Spend less time worrying about maximizing your immediate results and more time maximizing your ultimate results.  Giving yourself options in the future always appears sub-optimal in the moment. Putting yourself in a good position for tomorrow means paying today. This might mean a lower return, living below your means or sitting on the sidelines when everyone else is having fun.  Poor positioning kills more dreams than poor decisions.  Decisions matter but it’s easier to make good decisions when all your options are great.  Good positions allow you to master your circumstances rather than being mastered by them.”

The trick is to become the boss of your brain! Leverage the power of your lower brain by getting it working for you, not against you. Decide on purpose to live a life that is strategic, intentional and fulfilling.  Do the hard thing now because it will lead to increased growth, better positioning, an easier journey, and ultimately the achievement of your dreams.  Pay the price today, so you will love your future.

What are you doing today to put yourself in a better position tomorrow?


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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