Embrace your Gift!!

On this “Thankful Thursday” I am so grateful for my freaking AMAZING body, and thankful that I know how to LOVE IT!!

I am speaking at “Rejuvenate You”— TODAY! 🙂 At [3:50]!! I am so excited!! My presentation is called, “Embrace Your Gift: Live Elevated With A Body Purposefully Loved.”  As I’ve been preparing and practicing, reviewing my stories about the lowest times in my life where I truly suffered because of the hate and abuse I put my body through, I am left in complete awe and respect for our human bodies. I put my poor body through hell, multiple times, in multiple ways before I learned how to genuinely live with a body purposefully loved. My mess truly has become my message and I am thrilled I get the opportunity to share it with so many incredible souls today!!

With this presentation fresh in my mind, I had a friend reach out.  She told me about having a huge epiphany just a few days ago that she had been unconsciously ignoring and neglecting her body.  She realized that she was staying as busy as possible in an effort to keep some strong emotions at bay. The things she was filling her life with to avoid the pain were great things, lots of service and mom duties, however, she recognized she was using being busy to avoid the hard, emotional things.  She was ignoring the emotions in her body.  She was not resting, fueling, hydrating or exercising her body in a loving way.  She was running herself ragged, and it was taking a toll on her body.  What a powerful awareness she came to! 

I’ve fallen into this pattern many times in my life, to varying degrees.  When I was in PT school, this destructive pattern landed me in the hospital.  Ignoring and neglecting our bodies by staying busy is a common but damaging coping strategy.  I’m sure we have all fallen for it at some point in our life. I recognize it in so many of my family, friends, and clients.  

I challenge you on this beautiful Thursday to lean into love and appreciation for your amazing gift. Do a vibe check and listen to the things your body is communicating to you.  Stop completely for a minute. Get still, present, and really listen.  What is your body telling you? Are there emotions you are running away from or “sweeping under the rug”? Are you loving your body in the way you are resting, hydrating, exercising and fueling it?  I challenge you to do 1 thing today to show your incredible body some love.  Maybe it is writing in your journal to help process emotions.  Possibly it is taking a nap or getting to bed 1 hour earlier. You could go for a run or a walk in the spring sunshine.  It could be as simple as drinking more water instead of diet coke or rockstars ;).

Our bodies are the vehicle for our mind and spirit.  When we mistreat our bodies, the entire human trifecta suffers.  Our bodies are the instrument we use to do the work we were meant to do on this Earth.  Embrace your incredible gift!!  Live elevated with a body purposefully loved!!


If body love is tricky for you, consider joining my next Body Love group.  I lost 60 lbs doing the exact things I now teach in this program.  It wasn’t until I changed my thoughts that the weight came off.  Body Love will teach you how to become the boss of your brain, and how to love yourself lean. It’s all about loving your body!!