Dear Friends,

It’s Thursday!!  I am so thankful today for understanding that you and I, as well as all those we love, and every person on this planet is “ENOUGH”.

I have a friend who is a HS teacher.  She shared recently that she does an experiment every year with the classes she teaches.  She asks them, among other questions, “What is 1 thing you wish your parents would tell you?”  After doing this for many years, the responses continue to be consistently dominated by the same answer.  The #1 thing, by far, that high schoolers want to hear from their parents is that they are “ENOUGH”.  

This resonated deeply in my heart.  I’ve spent some time pondering the implications of this answer.  Do my high schoolers know that I believe they are “enough”? Am I doing things, even subconsciously, that would lead them to believe I am not satisfied with who they are, what they are doing or how they are turning out? Are we as a society expressing disappointment in our youth?  Is their concern with not being “enough” a reflection of our own insecurity about being “enough”?  What can I do to instill the love and acceptance necessary for the teenagers within my influence to feel they are “enough”?  What is the most effective way to encourage striving for high standards and to inspire living with the grit necessary to reach big dreams while at the same time ensuring they know they are already enough? How can we clearly express our love and acceptance of them, exactly as they are, while still wanting them to keep growing and becoming?

Every parent, mentor, teacher, leader, or person in authority desires that the one they are influencing fulfills their potential.  In fact, they often feel a sense of urgency, driven to make sure their protege excels. However, to be fair, have any of us truly fulfilled our own potential? Deep down, at our core, everyone just wants to be loved, heard, seen and accepted as enough, just the way they are… despite imperfections. In this life, it is all about growth.  There isn’t some summit or finish line we reach designating we’ve made it.  It’s not about the destination, it is about the journey, and each one of our journey’s are unique.  Knowing we are already enough, and still we want to grow, is the key to progression.  

A few years back, I had a very special experience as I asked God to help me understand about worth.  In a world where we are always ranked, graded, assessed and compared, how could every human have the same infinite worth? Weren’t some people better and others worse than each other? The words came to me, “Your worth is set, but your growth is optional”.  I learned that growth is our choice, but worth is our birthright. We are all 100% enough.  The extent to which we choose to grow does not taint or enhance our “enoughness”.  

Oh how important it is that we instill this beautiful truth into the hearts of our children and those we have influence over.  There is nothing to prove, no award we must earn, or height we must attain to finally be “enough”.  We are all, already enough, because God made us that way.  May this knowledge of our divinity and infinite worth sink deep into our bones and give us the confidence to get out there and continue growing.

I am so thankful to be enough!!

What are you thankful for today? Drop me an email, I’d love to know.


Rooting for you always, 

Candice Noss


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