Fear vs Faith

Good Morning Friends,

This world can be a scary place, especially for our children.  This Thursday, I am thankful for the mutual exclusivity power of FAITH in relation to fear, and for gift of our AGENCY to choose the thoughts we will believe that land us in faith, while rejecting those which result in fear.

Last weekend over Labor Day we of course had a soccer tournament 😉 and between games, at a picnic, our conversation turned to 3 kidnapping attempts at a teammate’s Elementary School. THREE kidnapping attempts in 1 week!!  The natural flow of conversation then went to the recent incident in Morgan where an ill-intentioned man was found in the room of a little girl, underneath her bed.  Well, I didn’t realize how intently my daughter was listening to this conversation, or the repercussions it would have on her impressionable mind.  Suddenly, her safe, happy-go-lucky, secure world was rocked.   The threat of strangers kidnapping or abusing her in her own home became a very real and scary reality.  My brave girl was suddenly sleeping with me, refusing to babysit and terrified of walking home- even for a few minutes by herself.  

Fear is healthy when it prompts us to take necessary precautions, implement procedures and take solid measures for safety.  However, fear becomes unhealthy when it colors our reality and becomes the lens in which we view the world.  Unbridled fear is crippling, leaving us hunkered down in our cave, unable to shine, grow or progress.  Fear unchecked promotes victim mentality and robs us of our power.  Anxiety and panic attacks have reached an all-time high in our society.  Mental thought loops which perseverate on “what if’s” and spend precious brain juice trying to solve for every possible dangerous future scenario rob us of the present moment and our peace of mind.  

I’m so grateful for this experience where I can process fear with my daughter and help her learn to become the boss of her brain.  A truth I am so grateful for is-  fear and faith can not coexist, they are mutually exclusive.  We are in the process of discussing the thoughts that “Beastie” (the name of her lower brain) throws at her which land her in fear.  Some are valid and require action steps to ensure safety.  Some are completely ridiculous and once revealed in the light of day are easy to reject.  

Currently, my sweet daughter is finding new thoughts that land her in FAITH.  She is learning to choose into these thoughts on purpose.  She is practicing stopping the fear through head hygiene.  She is striving to operate her life in faith, especially when she is alone or finds herself in an unfamiliar situation.  These are incredibly valuable skills and I am grateful she has the opportunity to learn them at a young age.

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety or panic attacks, please reach out to me.  Do not let fear dictate your life or limit you in any way.  Choose FAITH, I’d love to show you how.

Gratefully Yours,

Candice Noss

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