Feelings are our Fuel

One of my daughters (I won’t say which one 😉) put diesel fuel in our 4- wheeler…YIKES!!! 😳 It takes UNLEADED!!! 🤦‍♀️

We are still making repairs to get it running efficiently again. 🥴

This is a powerful reminder- our feelings are the fuel we operate our lives from AND, the type of fuel we use MATTERS!!!

When you run your 4-wheeler off of diesel fuel, it will go for a short time but ultimately the deisel fuel will totally shut it down and destroy this amazing machine.

The most efficient fuels create the best, most optimal performance in this machine and in our own lives.

When you operate your life out of frustration, overwhelm, stress, scarcity, irritation, aggraviation, worry, indecision… it’s like using diesel fuel in the 4-wheeler. You can carry on for a short time, but ultimately this type of fuel shuts you down resulting in a life where you stay stuck in ruts, operating in survival mode.

However, if you drive your life utilizing the most efficient fuels, such as Love, Faith, Gratitude, Grace, Abundance, Confidence, Clarity, Curiosity, Excitement, Optimism, Fascination… this type of fuel results in optimal perfromance and your best life. 😆

I spent years operating out of frustration, overwhelm, and stress. These were the top 3 fuels driving my life. However, through cognitive behavioral therapy and becoming a life coach, I learned how to firmly control my mind, which in turn allowed me to deliberately operate my life from more efficient emotions.

You have 100% control over your feelings because you have 100% control over your thoughts. Thoughts create feelings every time. Own them on purpose!! Switch from suvival mode to thriving mode by choosing thoughts that allow you to operate from the most powerful emotions.

I’d love to show you how!! DM me!!