Fill Your Own Cup

Dear Friends,

It’s Christmas time- my favorite time of the year!!!  I’m so thankful for tons of things today— black Friday sales, LIGHTS, Christmas music (especially Pentatonix and Eclipse 6), online shopping, UPS that delivers right to my door, kids that decorate for me, hallmark Christmas movies, friends that share deals, the energy of giving and sharing, … I LOVE it!!  

However, I’m going to focus this thankful Thursday message on how grateful I am for the power and choice we have to BELIEVE.  I’ve had the subject of “What are you going to choose to BELIEVE?” come up so many times this past week with clients and myself.  I’ve felt prompted to share how grateful I am for the ability and skill to purposefully choose what I will believe about God, myself and others, and what I will intentionally reject.

One of the cold hard facts of life is-   no one else, not even God, can truly, effectively, sustainably “fill our cup” for us.  We must “fill our own cup”.  Sure, it’s nice when we receive a compliment, or feel God witnessing his Love, but unless we already believe good things about ourself, we shrug off these things.  

For example, if your spouse tells you how beautiful and radiant you look, but you are in the rut of negative self talk where you BELIEVE that you are ugly, overweight and gross, you will not accept the compliment.  You might tell yourself he is just trying to make you feel better, he is lying, he wants something, he is not seeing right, he isn’t a good judge, and on and on and on.

If you are in the habit of hearkening to the dark voice of discouragement, distraction and deception selling you on “you are failing”, “you are worthless”, “you are never enough”… then when you pray and fast and yearn for God to testify to you that you are loved and special, and you receive a special witness, if you don’t BELIEVE you are worthy or worth much, you will dismiss the beautiful spiritual experience.

What do you believe about yourself?  What do you believe about God?  What do you believe about others? Is it serving you?

A belief is just a thought we have continued to think, that our brain has brought us evidence for until it seems true.  However, beliefs are just thoughts, and that is the best news ever because thoughts are optional.  If it doesn’t serve you, get rid of it!!  Thoughts are NOT facts and BELIEVING positive or negative things is our choice.

My challenge to you this Christmas is to examine what you believe about God, yourself and others.  As you watch the wonder and awe of children who BELIEVE in Santa Claus, remember and recognize that beliefs are optional, and so very very powerful.  

Choose to believe the best in yourself, in God and in others.  Despite evidence to the contrary, or overwhelming difficulties and trials, use your gift of agency to purposefully choose self-belief.  YOU ARE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS!!

“Fill your own cup” by believing in your god-given strengths, talents, aptitudes, gifts, capacities, missions and purpose.  Focus on the good and land your thoughts in self-belief.  Continually re-align your thoughts to generate faith, love, gratitude, grace, abundance, curiosity, excitement, determination, confidence….

We can WANT the love, attention, support and recognition from others, but we can’t NEED it.  “Filling our cup” is our job.  If we depend on others to “fill our cup”, our worth becomes conditional and dependent on what others think.  We become a victim to other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions instead of taking ownership for our own self-belief.  

I know intimately the depths of despair associated with depression and the downward spiral leading to the “lowest of lows”.  The way to recovery starts with the simple (but not easy) choice to reject the thoughts that do not serve you, even if they seem true. Decide instead to purposefully believe that “I am a beloved child of Heavenly Parents with a divine nature and an eternal destiny”.  “I am designed for greatness”.  Develop self-belief by intentionally thinking thoughts that build you up.  “Fill your own cup”.  Be your own cheerleader and biggest supporter.  High-Five yourself in the mirror each morning and stay committed to mirror talk.  

The choice is yours over which thoughts you hearken to.  No one else can do it for you.  It is your power and privilege to choose what you will believe.  It is my hope that you land in the powerful place of self-belief and firmly align your mind with Christ.

Have a beautiful holiday season!!

Gratefully yours, 

Candice Noss

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