Generous Humans

Good Morning Friends,

On this “Thankful Thursday”, my heart is so full of gratitude for the generosity of normal, every day people.  It truly is inspiring and adds hope and light to this crazy world.

In 2 weeks I will leave with a group of 28 humanitarians to Kenya, where we will work on many different projects to improve conditions and the quality of life for these amazing people. A neighbor who I don’t know super well, remembered I was heading to Kenya.  Out of the blue, she contacted me.  She asked if there was anything she could do to help.  I told her of the need to purchase fabric in Kenya for our vocational committee.  We spent most of our vocational funds on the 5 sewing machines which we are providing to help them set up a women’s sewing co-op, and still needed to find a way to get fabric. Despite having a big family and many financial responsibilities, she contacted youthlinc and made a donation that was really helpful.  Wow- right?!?

Then, a friend who went on the humanitarian trip to Fiji with me last year, but was unable to go this year, asked if he could help in any way.  I told him our health committee is doing 100  “days for girls kits”, but didn’t have the funds to get underwear for the “boys who know” program.  I told him we could really use some money to buy 100 pairs of underwear for the boys.   The very next day, youthlinc informed me that he had made a generous donation that would more than cover the 100 pairs of underwear. Amazing!!

Then, a client and dear friend heard about the trip and all we are going to be doing in Kenya. She proceeded to write a huge check for an incredibly generous amount of money and sent it to me in the mail that very day!!  This will allow us to do some really neat and sustainable things for the people there, that we wouldn’t have even considered before her generosity. I was truly blown away!!  She isn’t a millionaire or what I would even consider “rich”— she is a normal, regular, everyday woman.  Her generosity makes me cry, even now as I write this. I am completely in awe of her pure and giving heart, and what this will mean for the community there in Kenya.

In my efforts to utilize this money in the most effective way, I contacted the Morgan School district to see if I could purchase some used laptops to create a computer lab for the school we will be working at.  The dear man in the district office asked, “How many are you hoping to get?”  Feeling a bit imposing I hesitantly asked if there might be 8 available.  He went on to say, “How about I give you 60 used but fully working chrome books?” Wait… WHAT???  60?!? Freely given!!  Again, I was completely overcome with the abundant generosity so lovingly given to help those in need.

I realize there is so much confusion and darkness in the world today.  I watched a documentary, “What is a Woman”, by Matt Walsh and was literally sick. I have been studying “signs of the times” and see them everywhere.  But- as dark and ugly as it is and is going to get, there will be miracles and light in an equal and opposite amount.  The generosity and goodness of people I’ve been so blessed to witness is a testament to that.  I can’t wait to see the miracles that will come of the bounteous generosity.  I am deeply inspired to become like these truly phenomenal people with such generous hearts. 

I am so thankful for the proof I’ve seen over the past few weeks from such altruistic people that: life is good; God is glorious; and every day people can and are making a huge difference.  Together we Rise!!


Rooting for you always,
Candice Noss

PS- Are you involved in any groups that regularly need speakers? Do you know of any opportunities out there where speakers are in demand?  Please, let me know if you do.  I am looking for ways to expand my circle of influence and interact with more people.  I am so passionate about enlightening, liberating, and empowering others to Elevate their Mind, Body and Spirit; and own their divine greatness.  Thank you for helping me share my message.