Get Help!

Oh my sweet, independent, too smart for her own good, IylaGrace. 😂

This was her at 10 am yesterday, and then just 30 minutes later. 😳

After tears and consequences and more tears, she finally confided in me why she cut her hair. It had been in her face, bugging her, and she wanted to “fix it”. On Tuesday, she had her hair cut (professionally) and she thought she could cut her own hair.

Yesterday morning, when her hair kept messing up the stickers she was decorating her face with, she decided she knew how to solve this problem (without help). As you can tell from the pants she is wearing backwards, she loves to do things by herself! 😉 She found the scissors we keep in the silverware drawer for cooking, and went to town!!💇🏻‍♀️

After we both calmed down, we were able to talk about the hair debacle. It became super clear to me that IylaGrace fell into a trap that we all succumb to. She tried to solve a problem, which she didn’t have the knowledge or skills for yet, by herself— resulting in a fiasco.

What a great reminder— WE ARE NOT ALONE!! Help is so near!!

It is critically important we GET HELP for those problems we don’t yet have the knowledge or skills to fix by ourselves.

Hair grows back and is truly not that big of a deal— but suffering with depression, self-loathing, body shame, eating disorders, perfectionism, insecurity… this can go on for years, decades even, totally shutting us down. We only have one chance at mortality, there is no time to waste stuck in survival mode, functioning so far beneath who we REALLY are.

Just like IylaGrace doesn’t need to feel bad that she doesn’t have the skills and knowledge yet to proficiently cut hair, there is no shame in seeking help for a problem you don’t yet have the knowledge or skills to overcome on your own. You are not alone!! GET HELP!!

Christ is the master healer and He is always there, just ask.

Reach out to family, friends, professionals… you are not alone!! Get Help!!

I would love to give you some powerful tools and help you develop the knowledge and skills to proficiently overcome the issues you consistently find holding you back. I’ve been there- feeling totally stuck and hopeless, suffering alone in the dark. I am now driven to help others who find themselves in this precarious and awful place. I can help!!

Thanks IylaGrace, for helping us remember— You are NOT alone!!

Get Help!!