Givers Gain

April 11, 2024

Good Morning My Friends,

I am thankful this Thursday for a universal truth I learned a few years ago when I became a member of BNI (Business Networking International).  Their motto which all members repeat every meeting is: 


Since being introduced to this concept, I’ve watched it play out over and over and over again in so many different ways.  

This is on my heart today for multiple reasons.  Yesterday, my “Living Spiritually Connected” group had a special group call with my incredible friend, Martina Muir.  Martina generously gave of her time and talents spending not just the anticipated 1 hour, but 3 hours with us!  She followed the flow of the call and then focused individually on every single person in our group of 10.  She gave freely and blessed our incredible group immensely.  I know Martina will gain so much from this beautiful act of kindness.  The awesome thing about the divine law “givers gain” is that as we give and as we gain from our giving, the blessings magnify.

Today I had a quarterly meeting for the team leaders of the Youhlinc 2024 humanitarian trips.  I have been talking with the Team Leader going to Kenya this year because that was the trip I was in charge of last year.  As we talked, this incredible woman began offering my team, that is going to Nepal in June, hygiene kits, used glasses, brand new notebooks, hats, jerseys and she went on to share all her connections for special deals on supplies…  She didn’t hoard her resources, she freely gave of her abundance and in her giving, she is gaining!!  I am striving to get more chrome books donated to her team and by pooling our resources the blessings are truly amplified in both directions!!

Learning marketing and business with my purely science and math background has been tricky. 😉  My favorite marketing strategy is to give free offerings.  As we freely give of the things we know and love, we gain!!  Blessings come in the form of friends, clients, income, opportunities, experience, increased knowledge… It seems counter-intuitive that giving actually creates wealth, but it does!!  Givers gain!!

I challenge you to watch for this in your life. “Givers Gain.” This divine law is why tithing and fast offerings are so important.  It is why serving is the quickest way to blessings.  It is why humanitarian work is so powerful for touching hearts and transforming lives both of the humanitarian and of the people they serve.  Blessings abound in an amplified, magnified way as both the giver and the receiver mutually benefit.  

Where have you seen this in your life? Playfully experiment with this truth and watch the gains that result from your giving.  It truly is beautiful and divine to behold.

Thanks for giving of your time to read these Thankful Thursday emails- I hope you gain much from them!!


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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