I’d love to help you GLOW with happiness!!!

I bust up craptastic THINKING, empower women to LOVE (God, themselves and others) and facilitate TRANSFORMATIONS which serve as catalysts to discovering a powerful new awareness of identity and purpose.

This is what a current client just told me,

“I just rewatched your video. You are blowing my mind! This is helping so much. I had this light-bulb moment and was able to release all that shame, hate and saying bad things about myself. It is truly a gift! God 100% brought me to you, Candice. Thank you for answering my prayer, “Please God, help me love myself.” This program is more than I ever even expected. I’m only 15 days in and you’ve been able to shift my thinking completely. I can’t even tell you how many self-help books I’ve read, how much money I’ve paid, how much time in therapy I’ve spent, and you are shifting things more powerfully than any of that. God is working through you and I’m so grateful.”


✨✨✨You are designed for greatness!!✨✨✨

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