Good Morning Friends 🙂 ,

On this “Thankful Thursday”, my thoughts keep returning to grace.  I am so thankful for the active power of grace in my life!!

For my birthday (which was months ago), my cute hubby got me tickets to see “Les Miserables”.  I just returned home from seeing this incredible play, and despite familiarity with the story, the theme of grace profoundly struck a new chord with me. As evidenced by this play, grace provides the catalyst for incredible and lasting change in the lives of multiple cast members.  My life experience speaks to the truth of this fact.  Law, justice and punishment have their place, but ultimately if lasting change of character is the goal, grace is the secret weapon. 

Grace is the product of unconditional love and acceptance. Grace offers kindness and mercy when it’s not deserved.  As Brad Wilcox says, we can’t earn our way to heaven, but through grace we can learn our way there. Grace allows for the learning process incumbent with growth to take place, regardless of the frequency or severity of offenses.  Grace permits the messiness of our humanity and loves us anyway.  Because of grace, we have the liberty to choose the wrong again and again and again, until we have the knowledge, understanding, and ability to choose the right.  Grace is critical to the cleansing and enabling power of the atonement. Grace is vital to putting off the “natural man” and landing in a genuine place of forgiveness for self and others.  Grace is powerful.  I’m so thankful for the transformational changes made possible through grace in my life.

Have you intentionally granted grace to yourself or others lately? Have you felt the grace of God in play in your life? 

If you desire to be inspired by the transformational quality of grace, go watch “Les Miserables”. I am so thankful for the power of Grace.

Tear it up out there!!

With love,

Candice Noss