Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is graduation day for Morgan High School and today, I am feeling so thankful for my graduating Senior!! 

It is a bit surreal to think I have an adult daughter headed off to college in a few short months.  A cascade of questions seems ever present- Did I prepare her enough? Does she know her Savior? Will she be ok on her own? Does she understand how to keep herself safe? Is she ready? What does her future hold? Will she reach out if she needs something? And on and on and on… 

I am so grateful for my understanding of the human brain as I sense my tendency to begin drifting down the slippery slope of insecurity, not enoughness and self-doubt.  My lower brain, just like every normal human brain, loves to spin out on worst case scenarios, focusing on weaknesses, and drawing attention to where I am coming up short. BUT- I am on to my brain!! It is totally understandable that my lower brain with its extreme survivalist, tribal paranoid, natural man characteristics would try to sell me on thoughts that would keep me “stuck in my cave” and in survival mode.  I am thankful for the ability to brain dump, process emotions, and do some head hygiene in order to get my mind aligned with my true self.  

The truth is, I am an awesome mom- and I’ve also messed up a lot- AND I love me anyway.  I did the best I could with the experiences and wisdom I had.  I gave my daughter the exact experiences, in my amazingness as well as in my weaknesses, that she needed for her journey. I am so grateful to know and accept that I am  “Flawsome”-  An individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless.  Operating this way, from GRACE, serves us so well!!

If I could send my daughter off with some words of wisdom, one of the most important things I want her know is the power of GRACE.  She is going to want to be perfect— to have the perfect college experience complete with perfect roommates, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect job, the perfect start to the perfect career….  She will expect college to go a certain way according to a set of unconscious standards she has already set in her mind.  However, life never happens according to plan.  People are messy and mistakes are inevitable.  Grace, the ability to say “I love you anyway”, to ourselves and to others, is what allows us all to get back up every time we fall and keep going.  Failure isn’t negative, it is necessary.  It doesn’t mean anything about who we are as a person, except that we are imperfect humans going through a growth process.  I hope that she will embrace her “Flawsomeness”, knowing that she truly is awesome regardless of flaws.  I pray that she will believe in herself and live with a heart full of love for God, herself and others.

What are you thankful for on this beautiful Thursday? If you could offer some advice to a graduating Senior, what would it be? I’d love to hear if you feel like sharing. 🙂

Congratulations to all the graduates of the class of 2022!! Tear it up out there!!

Remember- You are designed for greatness!!

With light and love,

Candice NossPhysical Therapist, Life CoachThe Mind, Body, Spirit


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